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About us 


The Kidney Club is an organization started by University of Chicago students and faculty to raise awareness and support for kidney health.


 ​​Chronic kidney disease disproportionately affects underrepresented minorities and economically-vulnerable communities.

Combined with the nationwide shortage of trained nephrologists (kidney specialists), this represents a burgeoning crisis that affects the well-being of our futures.



Thus, the Kidney Club's mission is to foster interest in the field of nephrology to tackle these health disparities by providing specialized insight into what future physicians can gain from such a rewarding field.

Our programming will also include advocacy, education, and community support for those living with chronic kidney disease.


Welcome to the Conversation.

Image by Sawyer Bengtson
Doctor's Visit

Why Nephrology?

The field of nephrology allows for the exploration of how body systems interact while enabling practitioners to develop longitudinal relationships with patients.

It is a unique subspecialty that encourages physicians to engage in complex problem-solving as they consider the impact of various comorbidities on renal health.

Importantly, new research insights are allowing for precise care that strengthens patient-provider bonds and uplifts communities.

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Meet The Team

Faculty Advisors

Board Members

Founder and Student Director: Zakwan Khan


Stay tuned for opportunities to join the Kidney Club's Executive Board to help plan events and programming for this quarter. You can also become participate as a General Body Member to learn more about the world of nephrology and ways to give back to the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

Any UChicago student regardless of major is eligible and encouraged to join! No previous knowledge is required. We want everyone who is curious about the field of nephrology to become a member!


Where can I learn about events and other updates?

Subscribe to our emailing list and follow us on social media for the latest Kidney Club updates!


Is being a part of the kidney club time-intensive?

Not at all! Members are free to attend whatever events they wish without fear of being removed from the club. All we ask is that officers and event volunteers maintain whatever commitments they have made.

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