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Academic Year Recap

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Image Credit: Durham Nephrology


It was a successful inaugural year for the Kidney Club and its members! Over the winter and spring academic terms, we were fortunate enough to host many esteemed guests from the world of nephrology. The Kidney Club seeks to shed light on all aspects of nephrology, whether it involve the physician side, patient dynamics, or innovative research.

On the physician side, we were fortunate enough to learn from esteemed UChicago physicians, such as Dr. Arlene Chapman, Dr. Benjamin Ko, and Dr. Nupur Mistry. They were kind enough to shed light on their own experiences through college, medical school, residency, and what ultimately lead them to pursue a career in the field of nephrology.

The Kidney Club also learned what life was like behind the bench, when we hosted a Q&A with Dr. Mark Knepper, a leading NIH researcher! It was enlightening to learn from such an acclaimed scientist about his research and his career path.

Whether you’re a researcher or a physician, you cannot hope to make a dent in your respective field without learning of the patient experience. The Kidney Club understands this and played host to author, activist, and artist, Ms. Eiren Caffall, who has produced many projects about her experience with PKD. She taught our budding nephrologists what life is like as a patient, how to triumph when facing a chronic disease, and how to effectively push for a cause.

Ms. Caffall’s message about advocacy really resonated with us and we were honored to host Dr. William Weber, a physician and core member of the Medical Justice Alliance, a group that advocates for incarcerated individuals to provide them with much needed healthcare. Dr. Weber taught us how to utilize the legal system for advocacy and reminded us of the humanity behind medicine. What is healthcare, if it is only reserved for the few?

So, if you’re interested in joining the Kidney Club, please reach out to us!

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